WHO support materials for RC69 technical briefing on child and adolescents’ health in the WHO European Region

Most children and adolescents in the WHO European Region have a happy and healthy childhood; however, widespread inequalities remain within and between Member States.

The health of children and adolescents needs to be prioritized as many health problems persist, and newly arising problems need to be addressed.

Factsheets and support materials are available for each of the specific problems that children and adolescents face in the WHO European Region:

  1. Low exclusive infant breastfeeding rates
  2. Poor adolescent mental health
  3. Widespread tooth decay
  4. Poor road safety levels
  5. Unnecessary admission to hospitals
  6. Aggressive promotion of unhealthy food
  7. Developmental difficulties in children
  8. Lack of regional response to tuberculosis
  9. Problems with adolescent access to health services
  10. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy
  11. Poor vaccination among children