Migration Health Knowledge Management (MiHKMa)

The WHO Regional Office for Europe, in collaboration with the European Commission Directorate General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE), has established the Migration and Health Knowledge Management (MIHKMA) project to fill knowledge gaps in the area of migration and health in the Region. The project focuses on expanding knowledge and understanding of migration and health, and supporting the development and uptake of evidence-informed guidance to ensure actions meet the health needs of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. In doing so, the project seeks to ensure health professionals and health systems are adequately prepared to overcome the challenges associated with large arrivals of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

The project aims to develop a knowledge management system to raise awareness, foster knowledge sharing and increase the uptake of good practices and evidence-informed approaches to migrant health.


Technical guidance

The project develops technical guidance recommendations across six priority issues in migrant health: child health, elderly health, health promotion, mental health, mother and newborn health and noncommunicable diseases. For each priority issue, knowledge and good practices will be shared in various formats for immediate use and application.


Four webinars on refugee and migrant health will be developed to complement the technical guidance component and bring unique, thought-provoking perspectives on refugee and migrant health challenges.