Reducing inequities in health across the life-course: Transition to independent living – Young adults (2019)




Taking a life-course approach, this paper outlines the key health equity issues for young adults, their social determinants and how policy-makers can act to reduce them. Chapter 1 discusses young adulthood as a significant – yet overlooked – life-course stage for health equity. Chapter 2 describes the key health issues for this group and how the social determinants of health impact on health inequalities during young adulthood. Chapter 3 outlines policies that could reduce health inequalities among young adults, including outlining specific indicators to measure change within different policy areas and highlighting country examples. Chapter 4 outlines Member State commitments that give policy-makers the mandate to take action on young adults’ health, alongside European priorities and policy drivers. Chapter 5 outlines the key stakeholders and partners needed to reduce health inequalities, arguing that intersectoral action to improve health is crucial for young adults.