Greece. Highlights on health and well-being (2016)




2016, iv + ix pages
ISBN 978 92 890 5144 6
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Although Greece had been among the countries with the best health status in the WHO European Region, health improvements were falling behind those in other countries well before the current economic crisis, and progress towards the Health 2020 targets is mixed. While Greece faces particular challenges owing to its continuing economic crisis, these pressures have also generated the momentum to address some long-standing issues, especially with the health system. This summary highlights some key challenges for health in the country that should be addressed if it is to regain its position among the healthiest in Europe.

Highlights on health and well-being give an overview of a country's health status, describing mortality, morbidity, exposure to key risk factors and trends. The WHO Regional Office for Europe develops the highlights in collaboration with European countries. When possible, each report also compares a country to reference groups: in this report, the WHO European Region as a whole and the 15 countries that belonged to the European Union before 1 May 2004. To make the comparisons as valid as possible, data as a rule are taken from one source to ensure that they have been harmonized in a reasonably consistent way. Whenever possible, the data in the report are drawn from the Regional Office's European Health for All database. These are collected from Member States on an annual basis and include metadata that specify the original source of data for specific indicators. Longer profiles accompany the highlights.