Opening press conference invitation

Health ministers and policymakers from 53 countries  meet to shape Europe’s health agenda and set priorities for action

Journalists are invited to an opening press conference

WHAT: More than 500 delegates from 53 countries of the WHO European Region, including ministers of health and important guests, will gather in Budapest, Hungary, on 11–14 September 2017 to discuss Europe’s health agenda and set priorities for action at the annual session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe.

WHEN: On Thursday, 7 September 2017, at 10:00 AM (CET), an opening press conference will be organized jointly with the Ministry of Human Capacities of Hungary, hosting the event.

WHO: Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe, and Minister of Human Capacities of Hungary Zoltán Balog will meet the press to present the agenda of the meeting and talk about public health progresses, challenges and solutions that work.

After the press conference, journalists will have the opportunity to interview the speakers.

VENUE: H-1054 Budapest, Akadémia u. 3., Press Room (ground floor), Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma

LANGUAGES: the press conference will be conducted in English and Hungarian.

REGISTRATION: If you would like to attend the opening press conference, please register by e-mail or tel: + (45) 20 45 92 74. Please bring press credentials and a photographic identification to access the press conference venue.

Journalist wishing to cover the WHO Regional Committee for Europe session on 11-14 September 2017 should also register in advance by email.

Further information about the event is available on the WHO Europe's web site