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The European Health report is produced every three years as a flagship publication by the WHO Regional Office for Europe.


Zsuzsanna Jakab Директор Европейского регионального бюро ВОЗ

Для эффективного и устойчивого решения задач информации здравоохранения, стоящих перед Регионом, требуется широкое международное сотрудничество. Read the Foreword


This publication presents highlights from the 2015 European health report.

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Chapter 1: Overview

This overview sets out the aims and target audiences, provides information about the Health 2020 monitoring framework and outlines the content of the main chapters.

The main aims of this 2015 report are:
  • to report on the progress towards the Health 2020 targets in the Region so far; and
  • to highlight new frontiers in health information and evidence, including subjective well-being measurements. Read Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Progress towards the Health 2020 targets

This chapter reports on progress towards the Health 2020 targets at the regional level since the agreed 2010 baseline.

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Introduction video

Chapter 3: Well-being and its cultural contexts

This chapter considers some of the challenges that arise when trying to quantify an inherently qualitative concept such as subjective well-being and how these can be addressed.

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Chapter 4: New frontiers in health information and evidence

This chapter addresses challenges and areas for future work, both in the context of Health 2020 and beyond.

This chapter focuses on future measurement challenges, such as:
  • whether the communities in the European Region are resilient; and
  • how the sense of belonging experienced by the populations in Europe changes over time. Read Chapter 4

The European health statistics app

The data in the app can be used to understand the health situation in the European Region and progress towards the targets of the Health 2020 policy.

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