Основные показатели здоровья в Европейском регионе ВОЗ. 2013: В центре внимания – неинфекционные заболевания




Following the example of previous editions, Core health indicators in the WHO European Region 2013 presents comparable key health statistics on demographic and socioeconomic factors, health status, risk factors and health systems. Its special theme is noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), to which additional subsets of indicators have been dedicated. NCDs remain the leading cause of
premature death, disease and disability in the WHO European Region. The publication also includes figures and tables illustrating country trends in cardiovascular disease mortality, child overweight and obesity as one of its risk factors and Member States’ work to limit the effects of risk factors.

Monitoring NCDs is an important task in reaching key Health 2020 targets, and thus for implementing and evaluating the new European health policy. This process is further supported by the global monitoring framework on NCDs adopted by the World Health Assembly in May 2013. The global framework is expected to drive progress in prevention and control of NCDs and provide the foundation for advocacy, raising awareness, reinforcing political commitment and promoting global action.