Переход к комплексной стратегии в области электронного здравоохранения в Республике Молдова (на англ.яз.)


Participants at eHealth policy dialogue in Republic of Moldova

A policy dialogue on eHealth was held in the Republic of Moldova on 30 May 2013, which furthered progress on the National eHealth Strategy. The event was organized by the Ministry of Health with the support of WHO/Europe.

Participants focused on several subjects, which included:

  • discussing the progress and barriers of the eTransformation process in the health sector,
  • presenting the available draft of the National eHealth Strategy and Implementation Plan prepared in 2012,
  • jointly developing proposals for the final version of the Strategy and key milestones for its official approval and implementation.

The programme had a variety of interactive means such as presentations, plenary debates, question and answer sessions and group work to provide inputs to the draft strategic document and brainstorm on the most feasible short and long-term e-solutions to increase access to, efficiency and quality of health services. 

Together, stakeholders and international experts developed a series of conclusions and recommendations which will serve as a basis for finalizing the Strategy and for further policy actions and investments in this area.

A cross-section of participants

Over 100 stakeholders participated at the event, including representatives from:

  • Ministry of Health,
  • e-Governance Centre,
  • Ministry of Information Technologies and Communication,
  • National Bureau of Statistics,
  • National Health Insurance Company,
  • National Centre of Health Management,
  • National Centre of Public Health,
  • National Medicines and Medical Devices Agency,
  • State University of Medicine and Pharmacy,
  • health care providers,
  • international organizations, and
  • independent local and external experts.

Coordination among partners

The policy dialogue on eHealth contributes to the biennial collaborative agreement (BCA) 2012–2013, between the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova and WHO/Europe.

The event also represents the final stage of the eHealth strategy development initiative supported financially by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. This comprised several country missions from the WHO Collaborating Centre on Telemedicine and eHealth from Tromso, Norway, a series of consultative and writing workshops, study visits of key stakeholders to Norway and Estonia, regular Skype conferences between experts and close follow up with all actors involved at the country level, including the World Bank. 

Finally, the policy dialogue is related to an EU-funded technical assistance programme under WHO coordination, the objectives of which include strengthening stewardship of health sector investments, better performance monitoring, and ensuring greater use of evidence for policy decisions.