Подход к сексуальному и репродуктивному здоровью с учетом всех этапов жизни. Entre Nous N 82, 2015 г.




Investing in a life-course approach to health is essential to ensure that we promote a healthy start to life, meet the health needs of our citizens throughout their stages of life and accomplish the goal of improved health and well-being for all. In this regard, sexual and reproductive health, becomes a critical aspect of the life-course approach to health for all as it provides opportunities, from preconception to transitional life phases, for early investment in health promotion and disease prevention. However the question remains what is the optimal way to operationalize the life-course approach? How do we prioritize the right approaches for the right populations at the right time? What proven models currently exist that promote a whole of society approach to health? What are other countries experiences with implementing a life-course approach? The current issue of Entre Nous explores these issues and more so that we can act early, act on time and act together to achieve equitable health for all throughout Europe.