Обзор оценок состояния окружающей среды и здоровья в Литве, на Мальте, в Польше, Сербии, Словакии и Эстонии



2009, 131 pages

This report maps and conveys a clear picture of the current environment and health situation in six countries of the WHO European Region. It evaluates strong and weak points of environmental and health status and provides recommendations from independent experts on the key areas that could be considered for improvement, giving information on policy progress and assessing the effectiveness of selected policies. It summarizes the findings of the national environment and health performance reviews undertaken in Estonia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Serbia and Slovakia.

The WHO Regional Office for Europe developed this project to follow up the commitments made by Member States at the Fourth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health in Budapest in June 2004 to reduce children’s exposure to environmental hazards. The project was designed to provide the evidence base for developing and implementing such action. The environment and health performance reviews are countrybased interdisciplinary assessments Regional Office carries out at the request of Member States. Through the environment and health performance reviews, Member States receive support in reforming and upgrading the overall public health system.