Возможные критерии для оценки касающегося здравоохранения элемента национальных стратегий интеграции народности рома (на англ. яз.)




The present working document aims to provide support to and additional background for the European Commission in its process of reviewing the health components of the National Roma Integration Strategies during the first quarter of 2012. It is for a targeted audience (specifically, DG SANCO technical staff working on Roma health).

This document contains an expanded and adapted version of the “criteria for the evaluation of the health component of the National Roma Integration Strategies” that were presented at the “Roma health resource workshop” in Istanbul on 26-27 October 2011. The workshop, which was co-organized by UNFPA and WHO, provided input and facilitated country-to-country exchange for developing or revising the health component of National Roma Integration Strategies or related sets of policy measures. The aforementioned criteria were presented in plenary and subsequently reviewed in breakout groups that comprised more than 40 representatives from governments, NGOs/civil society, the Roma community,academia, international organizations and UN system agencies. A full workshop Report of Proceedings is available upon request.