Ежегодное совещание Европейской сети ВОЗ «Здоровые города», 2011 г. Стратегическое руководство в интересах здоровья на местном уровне: общество, граждане и активы здоровья

Liège, Belgium, 15–18 June 2011

The Liège statement was one of the main outcomes of this conference as it included the initial consultation with local governments on the new European policy for health and well-being: Health 2020.

The conferences of the WHO Healthy Cities networks are strategic in nature and include a strong political presence from the participating cities and national networks. This was the third Annual Business and Technical Conference of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network and the Network of European National Healthy Cities Networks in Phase V. 110 cities are now members of the WHO European Network. In addition, 30 national healthy cities networks in Europe have more than 1500 cities and towns as members.