Международная конференция «Здоровые города», 2003 г. Энергия местных действий – пятнадцатилетний опыт

19–22 October 2003

Power of local action: 15 years of experience

The Healthy Cities movement is stronger and more relevant than ever. There is now ample recognition of the importance of the local dimension and the key role of local governments and the civic society in health and sustainable development.

The Conference marked the successful conclusion of Phase III (1998–2002) of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network and the launching of Phase IV (2003–2007). It offered a meeting point and platform to cities, networks, agencies and institutions that are concerned with health, sustainability, equity, urban development and community empowerment. It concluded with the adoption of the Belfast Declaration for Healthy Cities, which outlined the principles and the goals of Phase IV of the WHO European Network and reinforced the political commitment towards achieving them.